Dr. Izzy Nelken,
         a world renowned expert on derivatives
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Below are unsolicited testimonials from recent delegates who have been to Izzy's seminars.

Testimonials :

Hi Izzy,

 I hope all is well and you had a nice trip back home. I wanted to thank you again for the great lecture series on stochastic calculus and exotic options.

 Hope to see you soon in Chicago!

 Best Regards,



IS Investment

Izzy hi,

 Although I am quite unhappy that I was unable to attend the last day, I heard that it was also a very helpful day for the attendants.

 I want to thank you for coming and sharing your knowledge with us. It has been a successful course for all.

 We hope to see you soon and for future collaborations.

 Best regards,


IS Investment






Hi Izzy.

Thanks for a great course which gave me a lot of new knowledge and inspiration how to proceed in my daily work and where I want to go in my career Best regards
H. N.



From a recent course at a large multi-national bank:


What feedback do you have on Izzy?

􀁿 Fantastic delivery - really enjoyed the practical world explanations and examples used, rather

than purely focussing on the theoretical.

􀁿 Izzy is quite experienced in terms of both theory and application. It has been one of the best

training I have attended.

􀁿 He is an excellent presenter with the right approach to sharing information. He not only gives

you the concept, he illustrates this and enforces it with a spreadsheet which shows you how to

implement the theory in your daily routine. Too many "trainer" present the theory and leave you

to figure out how to implement the concept and trade it. This is a waste of time and money. Izzy

gave us a "One-stop Shop".

􀁿 He was very knowledgeable and an excellent speaker.

􀁿 For the type of material that can get quite difficult to explain to such a broad group of people I

thought he did a great job.

􀁿 Wealth of knowledge which Westpac could further tap into. Definitely recommend him for

another course like this one.

􀁿 Definitely knows what his talking about, very good facilitator.

􀁿 Great presenter ... some recycled jokes

􀁿 good - huge brain, but approachable and able to explain things on a level that was easily


􀁿 Overall great presenter & excellent knowledge, sometimes gets a bit stuck on particular issue,

would have him again (so to speak....)

Hi izzy,

Just wanted to say “thanks” for a job well done at the energy conference.
I enjoyed the conference and learned quite a bit about energy trading.

MD- VP - Capital Management Company


Dear Pf Nelken

It is of great pleasure to attend your hedge seminar in DEC 2004.
In days of over flooded hedge seminars, your speech, way better than
expectation, is informative as well as inspiring. Thanks for sharing
with us your precious experience.

VL - Hong Kong


Thank you for imparting your knowledge to me this weekend, for your book, and autograph for my teacher. I am amazed at your level of comprehension of a variety of topics, and your ability to understand Bloomberg. I enjoyed your teaching style and your patience is unending. I would like to follow up with some questions ( I am just starting to go through all of the information you have packed on the cd). I will fax your feedback form in the morning to you filled out. I would like to do this again in the future, maybe with a more limited (advanced) focus of topic. I will speak to you soon. Thanks again

 Mortgage Back Securities Salesperson, USA

I just wanted to thank you again for the great session. I did a quick scan of the evals and they looked good. . Thanks again

 Senior Banking Regulator, USA


Hi Izzy,

This is a courtesy note just to say how are you? I hope you had a safe trip back home. Thanks for the training, it was really great. Hope to see you again next time when you come around.



Capital Market Trader, South Africa